The Rev. Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion, Ph.D.
Creatively inspiring and encouraging people to seek God

This website
is designed to educate,
and inspire
those interested
experiencing and loving God.

My passion for praying,
and the sacred possibilities of labyrinth praying,
led me to create this site.

I pray that the time you spend here
will lead you towards God's profound love for you
and for the world.

Jill Preaching Heal Africa

My ministries are varied, but they connect through
Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries,
a non-profit that seeks to inspire, teach, and encourage ministers and leaders,
equipping them to serve Christ more effectively.
In 2012, I celebrated the twenty-eighth anniversary of my ordination.

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Jill Writing

My first seven books focused on labyrinth praying.
Recent presentations, articles, and manuscripts
also focus on the Chartres Cathedral and pilgrimage.
"What Was I Thinking?," a memoir of my family's 38 day walk
on the Spanish Camino, will be published in the future.

Mary East Window Chartres

While spending three to four months a year in Chartres, France
I continue to think and pray about how to make the cathedral more accessible
to the multitudes of pilgrims who come to pray there.

My current research, writing and photography projects relate to
Mary as she is understood through sculpture, glass, and devotion at Chartres,
the cathedral labyrinth which was laid in the floor in the thirteenth century,
and the experience of praying at this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I lead personal, small group and large-group pilgrimages at the cathedral in both English and French. Please Contact Jill for more information about guided visits, doing on-site spiritual direction,
leadership availability for your group,
or joining a group pilgrimage.

Jill Photographing
©Jethro Lyne
Combining image and word
in service of helping others to make significant connections with God
is a joy!
My photographs are finding their way into books, magazines,
websites, and private collections.
Jill Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth France

My work as a Labyrinth Ambassador takes me to four continents each year.
I continue to say yes to opportunities
to introduce others to labyrinth prayer, publish my findings and stories,
to present on labyrinth-related topics at conferences and retreats,
and to build labyrinths.
Of course I walk and pray as many labyrinths as I can find,
and I photograph them all!

Jill & Burmese Student
It is also my privilege to serve on Ph.D. committees as an adjunct professor,
and to work as a consultant for various students &
and others committed to serious intellectual exploration
Myanmar Institute of Theology
"Thank you so much for the meaningful presentation and the labyrinth walk.
It was extremely helpful and inspirational ."
Labyrinth Burna
"Jill's ministry is an oasis
of healing and restoration."
Jill Leading
"I really appreciate Jill's open, gentle leadership."
Bald Eagle
"Thank you, Jill, for...your style, preparation, wisdom, lovely ideas
and the warm, welcoming environment you created for us."